Airplay mirroring on early 2011 macbook pro not mirroring

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First, here's what I have:
Early 2011 macbook pro (identifier 8,3) with 2.2 Intel Core i7 processor connected over Wifi on 2.4 Ghz channel.
OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion
Apple TV 3 (fully up to date)
The stats I've read say airplay mirroring should work fine.  I can connect both machines just fine. I can stream movies just fine. I can send music just fine.  I just cannot mirror my desktop.  I have the icons, a connection is made, but all that shows is a blank screen. I've adjusted the resolutions with no luck.  I've shut down and rebooted both machines with no luck...
Any solutions or do I have to count my losses with Apple Airplay and spend more money on a 3rd party alternative (AirParrot)?
Hi eoinodonnell,
The problem was resolved, but I have the worst answer... it just started working, and has remained reliable since.  I never found out exactly what fixed it, but I would try these things:
1) Try a factory reset on the Apple TV, and make sure your Macbook pro has all the latest updates.
2) Try to repair disk permissions (better to do it from disk utility from boot menu) and reboot your macbook.
3) Backup your files and do a fresh install of OSX.
I know I performed all these tasks, and possibly more, but something along the way did fix the problem. 
I hope something here works!  If so, please let me know what did it.
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