Airplay display issues: "extend desktop" not working properly. Secondary display continues to mirror.

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Whenever I turn my airplay display on and set it to "extend desktop," my secondary display (TV) continues mirroring my mac book pro (hereinafter MBP). It doesn't fully mirror my MBP, but my secondary display registers every time I switch between my desktop 1 and my full screen apps. Moreover, When I do switch to a fullscreen app on my MBP, I get a blank (blue-ish) screen on my TV.
Any solutions!?!
Additionally, "extended desktop" for my Airplay display worked properly when Mavericks was first released.
Try this:
Click on the Apple TV Icon on the top toolbar
Then, select "Mirror Built in Display" instead of extend desktop
In the same menu under "Match Desktop size to:" select "Apple TV" (or keep it on "built in display if that works"
This solved a similar problem for me. 
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