Aiport won't print to Brother MFC 8500

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I have an iMac with OX 10.2 ethernet connected to an airport extreme base station. The iMac is also connected to a Brother MFC 8500 printer. My Macbook can share our satellite internet connection with the iMac. The iMac has an ethernet connection to the Airport.
But when I connect the MFC 8500 to the Airport, via a parallel to USB cable--- with the USB plugged into the Airport, I can't get the Brother MFC 8500 to print wirelessly from my Macbook. I thought the USB to the MFC 8500 would send the signals I need to print over the Airport wireless network but i'm wrong it seems.
Is my printer just not compatible with Airport or is there something else I need to do? I'm going nuts.
Assuming that the iMac is near the printer, give this option a try. connect the printer to the iMac (have approriate software installed on imac). open up the sharing preferences in the system preferences. Turn on printer sharing for the imac. once it starts up, switch over to the macbook and print something. under the printer menu there should be a tab called shared printers and you will find your printer in there.
(make sure the imac is still connected to the airport base otherwise you obviously have no connection to the base to receive a connection with the macbook).
Hope that helps
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