After using Migration Assistant, I don't have access to open my files

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The Migration Assistant made me rename the account from my old computer, MacBook Pro, because it was the same as the one on my new computer, new unibody Macbook. It was my name! So I changed the old account to a variation of my name and then Migration Assistant worked fine. All of my documents, files, pictures, music, etc. is now there but in a folder named (the other name) and it says I don't have permission to open the folder!! If I log out and then back in as that other name, all of my files are there and accessible, but I want them all in one place! Under one login, not two. Please is there an easy way to fix this, because I never would have used this Migration Assistant if I knew it was going to clutter up my new computer with two accounts and cause login issues. Thanks in advance....
System settings should be copied across as they are embedded in the ~/Library folder (and sub-folders) which you would have copied across to the external drive.
Once you have copied all of the data into the preferred account name then you should be able to delete the one you don't want. It will ask you if you want to delete the corresponding <home> folder associated with that account. My advice would be to operate your preferred account for some time until you are convinced that you have gotten all your data the way you want it and then delete the other account only after you are satisfied that all is correct.
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