Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium trial version says my serial number is invalid?

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I purchased Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium from my my community college's bookstore in 2010. I successfully have used it all this time, but I recently bought a new laptop. This new laptop does not have a disk drive, but I was able to download the trial version of it online. It downloaded great, and I have been using the trial version, but the trial is up in one week. I deactivated my serial number on my old laptop, and then tried to enter it onto my new laptop, but the error message keeps saying "Incorrect Serial Number": "The serial number you entered is not valid." However, the serial number is definitely valid, and I spoke with Adobe and they just checked and were able to see that I do have an activation available for this serial number. Why won't it accept it?
Side Notes:
The licensing is Student Licensing
I downloaded the correct creative suite (Creative Suite 4 Design Premium)
I typed in the serial number correctly and checked multiple times
I cannot afford to purchase an updated version nor Adobe Creative Cloud at this time
Someone please help!! I am very frustrated and the person on Adobe Chat said they do not offer any technical assistance for older products.... Any help is MUCH appreciated!!
Same thing happened to me, except I lost disk 2 and was told to go to the forums.. Seems Adobe isn't too great on their customer service or fixing issues.  The problem I was told, was that we have "Student" serials and the one from the download isnt a student version.
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