Adobe CC desktop app is completely blank and OOBE folder is not the solution

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Just bought a new mac pro and transferred all my setting/apps over via Migration Assistant. Adobe programs worked directly after transferring. However, after rebooting nothing worked. I can't remember the specific error messages because it was days ago but I think it kept asking me to install Adobe Applications Manager. Tried that and nothing changed. Tried uninstalling CC, running CC Cleaner Tool, and starting over with a fresh install. Now the desktop app installs but stays blank with no way to login or anything *EXAMPLE. Tried the OOBE folder trick *SOURCE and that doesn't make any change. Also, I have logged out from Adobe on my old machine.
Any help here would be extremely appreciated! Thanks
Seems to be working again...!
So after restart it looked the same... in startup tab it showed the cloud manager. But was not running. Went to my downloads folder where I still had the installer downloaded before my windows restore (the one downloaded yesterday was deleted after windows restore was done). Ran the installer and exually did something this time! It is installed again. At first it looked like it wanted me to download all the programs again even though I checked if they where still working... they did. (via bridge checked updates said they where all up to date).
Changed the language in the prefs panal under apps to English. Now it all looks like before I ran into this issue.
Not sure... But my guess is that it had to do with the latest windows update.
So... no need for a chat with support anymore
But... I do hope adobe will update the cloud manager asap so I can update my windows again.
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