ADF vertical table scroll bar issue when many records.

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Good morning!
I am using Oracle JDeveloper version
I have a search form and a simple ready-only table displaying about 1 million of records.
At the top of my search form, I have navigation buttons (First, Previous, Next, Last).
So when I click for example on the Next button, my table will highlight the next corresponding row as expected.
But here is the issue. When I click the Last button, the vertical scroll bar of the table does not scroll (automatically) to the end and display to me the very last row of my table.
How can I achieve this? When I manually scroll to the last row, I would find it highlighted but I need the vertical scroll bar to react on Last and First buttons click even though I have a big number of rows.
What should I do?
Any suggestion will be very much appreciated
Hi Frank,
I have found the answer. Here it is for anyone who would ever have or meet the same issue.
In Jsf table property inspector
I binded my table to my java bean (I called it myRichTable).
I added the First and Last buttons as partial triggers of my table
In java bean
In my last() method I encluded the following line of code:  myRichTable.setDisplayRow(myRichTable.DISPLAY_ROW_LAST).
And in the first():  myRichTable.setDisplayRow(myRichTable.DISPLAY_ROW_FIRST);
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