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i have the G5 powermac oct 2004. The last G5 to carry the ADC and DVI ports i believe. hence my problem, as i don't want to pay for a very expensive apple display but i would like to dual monitor.
i already have the DVI going to VGA going to phillips 17". I plan on having that on my ADC port (converted to VGA) and convert the DVI port to VGA and use one of many old CRT's floating around the house.
I live in Australia and i would appreciate any info on the best way to get the combo i want. I already have a DVI to VGA converter
Don King Resurrected
Hi Karl,
i think i might have accidentally posted in the wrong forum in state of confusion with lots of windows open.
Essentially i want to have two VGA ports. The G% i have comes with one ADC and one DVI port. I'm already using the DVI port with a VGA converter. We have another DVI to VGA converter lying around. To have some flexibility, if we ever get a DVI monitor, i thought of buying an ADC to DVI adapter, and then using the spare DVI to VGA conector with that. So i'd have three adapters sticking out the back of my computer with two VGA ports in the end.
The blasted ADC to DVI cable we bought doesn't have the four pins around the horizontal pin. As you indicated it sounds like we got a DVI-D port and obviously we want one with the four pins so we can use our spare adapter.
Hopefully i'm making more sense.
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