Acrobat 9 pro crashes when trying to distribute

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win xp sp3
acrobat 9 pro
new-ish to acrobat
I have an interactive form, created in acrobat 9 pro. Every time I try to distribute it (forms > distribute form > manually collect responses in my email inbox > save a local copy and manualy send it later > finish) it crashes & I get an error message: "AppName: acrobat.exe, AppVer:, ModName: acrobat.dll, ModVer:, Offset: 00604f17"
The really odd thing here is that it only does this if I try to save it over the network. If I open the form from/save to a local drive e.g. the desktop or a thumb drive it works fine.
Anyone got any idea what's going on & what to do about it?
There was an update this last week, taking the current version to 9.3.2. The early versions often have little bugs like you describe, so an update is the first thing to try. If you download the updates from (the downloads>updates page), be sure to download all of them and then install them in order. If you use the updates under help, you can usually update the lowest number one they show and return for any further updates.
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