A question about bluetooth, supposedly i have it, but it's not showing any signs of availability

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I contacted HP through the complaint option, this really isn't a complaint, just need some understanding... The reply to the complaint was "Upon checking here in my end, your HP TouchSmart tm2t customizable Notebook PC order was configured with 802.11b/g/n WLAN and Bluetooth(R) so basically, your PC has a bluetooth capability"
I don't fully understand what they mean by capability, all computers have bluetooth capability, Is bluetooth installed or not?   I went to the device manager looking for signs of bluetooth, i found nothing, the wp wireless assistant shows nothing also. I talked to a live rep through instant messages, they gave me the webpage to download the drivers. I downloaded the drivers, when i tried to install it the drivers it said "turn on bluetooth" I can't turn it on if i can't find..
SO i need some assistance with this, any help is appreciated.
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that sucks, I accidently pushed "Solved" the issue isn't fully solved.  I tried everything, i am a computer tech myself, tried hp chat, i have tried for 3 days, i have tried in the device manager, i tried in services, i tried in wireless assistant.  BUT i think i know the solution
oh before i forget thanks for the email info.
I didn't find the bluetooth in wireless aisstance, device manager, or the "add devices."  I did read a forum post where someone did a system recovery and their bluetooth started to work. Well, I tried the same, turns out my recovery would lock up at 12%. It was there for about an hour or so, i just stopped it, and then borrowed a windows 7 cd. When i installed the clean copy of windows, all my hp products where gone of course. Wireless assistant, the recovery partition (was wiped out with the windows recovery cd's). So I was at it again non stop. I once again was with hp live support chat, they got my attention in the windows services. It only showed "bluetooth support" not "bluetooth devices" or whatever it says. Tried the drivers countless times.  I was also reading the only place to turn on bluetooth is through wireless assistance.
My previous attempts before the recovery, was looking in wireless assitance and devices etc... couldn't find it. After the format, i did enable it in services(not sure if it was after or before the format). But that didn't do anything.  I am doing a system recovery right now on that laptop, it's still stuck at 12% for 4hrs now. I read post of this issue, and someone said they let it set for 16hrs and the recovery finished. So i'll just let this sit. and hopefully it will go through.
So here are my plans, if this recovery doesn't fix it, obviously step 1 install the drivers, step 2, make sure it's enabled in devices, step 3, turn it on in the wireless assistant. With my situations and my knowledge at the time, I wasn't able to perform these steps in this order. and syntax is important in this case.
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