3rd gen ipod touch faulty screen??

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i have a 32gb ipod touch that i bought on the 10th of this month. i got GTA: chinatown wars for it but for some reason my punch/use gun button (on the right side) doesn't work. i've found that if i flip my ipod to it's other side the punch/use gun button works but then i have problems with my character movement button not working correctly. i've noticed not being able to click items in other games i have as well (on the right side) unless i flip my ipod around but then i have the same movement problems as before. do you think its a Faulty screen? i've never dropped my ipod and it still looks brand new 0 scratches.
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did you try the suggestions in this article about troubleshooting touch screen response? http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1827
Tip: If you are going to take your device into a Apple Retail Store for evaluation, follow these steps to help the Mac Genius understand where your Multi-Touch display is experiencing unresponsiveness.
Open the basic calculator application to test all but the top row of the screen. Press each button on the calculator and verify activity.
To test the area at the top of the screen, rotate the device to change to the scientific calculator and press all the buttons in the left two rows.
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