3G icon in the status bar got disappear after ios upgrade 8.1

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3G icon in the status bar got disappear after ios upgrade 8.1
Nginear48 wrote:
Thanks for your quick response. I've tried everything you suggested and get only temporary fixes. Sometimes for a day or two, sometimes only until I use Safari for the first time. It's annoying and probably effects battery life between charges.
You would think that it must have some effect on the battery, but oddly enough, the update to iOS 8 actually helped my battery life, in spite of all of these hinky little issues that are taking place. In my experience, the activity icon is not affecting the battery in a negative way.
Another issue with IOS 8.1 that you may have seen is the loss of icon pictures on home pages. Again it seems to be Safari related, since app icons found in the App Store are not affected, only web based icons you personally put on home pages. I get what I call a test screen similar to what you used to get on old tv sets on every one of my personal icons.
I know exactly what you mean. I got that as well. On a few of them, when I opened the websites using the generic test screen icons and then closed them, they changed back to the way that they should look. For the ones that did not change, I recreated the home screen shortcuts and deleted the generic looking ones - the test screen icons.
And don't get me started on iBooks.
For the very limited use that I make of the iBooks app, i haven't noticed any problems, but I rarely use the app. I don't read books on the iPad other than a few user guides and if they are pdf guides, they reside in more reliable and feature rich pdf apps on my iOS device.
I wish that I had the fix for the spinning activity icon, but everything that I try, is temporary at best. IMO, this is the buggiest iOS update that I have seen, and I have been using iOS devices since iOS 3 on my first iPad. I realize that there are plenty of people that are not experiencing issues, but I have seen a number of weird things that I wish I could fix. None of my problems are major, but they are annoying.
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