2.2.1 and lost applications... I have a question...

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I have the EXACT same problem as many people posting here. Updated to 2.2.1, sync'd and mysteriously lost at least 2/3 of my applications. Totally unforgivable problem on Apples part.
In addition, iTunes now crashes during the sync.
My question is this... when we do a sync, we often wait quite a while during the "Backing up the iPhone" phase... is there a way to actually USE that backup to get my applications and settings?
Matt... very, very, very frustrated.
You can download your apps again for free: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2519
As for the crashing of itunes: Start iTunes, don't connect your iphone. Go to the Store menue in iTunes and click on "Deauthorize" and then "Authorize" your computer again. Connect your iphone again. Try to sync.
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