1:n Transformation using JAVA Mapping Scenario

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Hi Frnds,
I done a scenario using 1:n Transformation Scenario using XSLT,Graphical Mapping.
But i want to develop scenario Using JAVA Mapping.
Can anybody done the same scenario using JAVA Mapping share the links..
Raj Sekhar
You can use SAX parser for this
firstly create a StringBuffer sb object which will store our target output
when startDocument() gets called append the xml declaration in this method
sb.append("<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\" ?>");
next for the Test element you have your startElement() method called which will contain the name of your source tag i.e Test
for this , you will need to set a variable boolean isTest to true which was initialised as a false value.
in the characters method you will get the value present in this tag.
test the variable isTest for true value.
if it is true then append the following
sb.append("<Test1>"name"</Test1>"); //name is the buffer passed in characters method
at the end your endelement() will be called
here reset the value of isTest to false.
in your endDocument()
lastly convert to byte[] and then to outputStream format
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